Mormons Target Anne Frank With Weird Posthumous Baptism Rite

The last thing that Mitt Romney really needs is for members of his own Mormon church to continue to do weird cult religious practices that make his faith seem creepy and strange and unacceptable to most mainstream Christian Americans. But, the worst has happened once again. Despite an agreement between the Jewish religious community and the LDS church to stop the posthumous baptism of Jews into the Mormon faith, some Mormons have now held a posthumous baptism of Anne Frank into the Mormon faith. In 1995, an agreement was worked out between the two faiths to only allow the posthumous baptism of Jews who were directly descended from a Mormon background only. However, holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s name has also been recently submitted to a Mormon list of Jews to be posthumously baptized as Mormons upon his death.

Elie Wiesel considers Mitt Romney to be most prominent Mormon at this time, and publicly called upon Romney to do something about his name being submitted for the posthumous baptism to a Mormon church board. Romney is a former Mormon Bishop who has donated millions to the LDS church. Romney’s campaign refused to respond to Elie Wiesel directly, but did apparently forward his concerns to LDS church officials to answer Wiesel’s concerns.

Mormon church officials have offered some recent public apologies for their latest round of weird posthumous baptism rites, and likely Mitt Romney isn’t all that happy that his campaign is being publicly called upon to stop some this weird religious conduct that is far from his own control that makes Romney look like a member of a kooky religious cult and far from a mainstream Christian church member.

In other religious news, Franklin Graham used a interview program this past week to resurrect the old claims of some conservative Christians that President Obama is a Muslim rather than a Christian, creating more controversial religious news. Franklin Graham now becomes the most prominent Christian religious leader to resurrect what was considered largely a fringe issue before. Likely, the Obama campaign or White House will be forced to offer a response to all this at some point because of the powerful influence of the Graham family.

The book, THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK is considered to be a great classic by most book experts. It details the sad story of a Jewish family who attempted to hide from persecution by the Nazis. Anne Frank ultimately died in a Nazi concentration camp, where most children were seen as unfit to do work and were often murdered upon arrival in the gas chambers.

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  • Here is a little background about the “weird” rite if you’re interested. baptisms are not a forced conversion on the dead but are given (usually by decendents) as an opportunity to the deceased individual who still has his/her freedom to accept it or reject it.Having said all that, it was a mistake to baptize these Jewish people after requesting that the Mormons shouldn’t.