GIngrich’s Give Up Desert For Lent, But Not Half A Million In Tiffany Jewelry

Newt Gingrich and his former mistress who is now his wife, Calista Gingrich, have reportedly given up desert for Lent. Gingrich is a Catholic, but his wife is a former Southern Baptist who converted to the Catholic faith. Giving up desert for Lent may be a more symbolic gesture, because there are some reports that Gingrich has spent as much as half a million buying diamonds and jewelry for his wife at Tiffany’s since the days she was first his mistress when he was still married to his second wife Marianne Ginther.

By Catholic law, divorce is generally not acceptable except in rare circumstances, and remarried Catholics are not supposed to celebrate Communion. Gingrich’s current marriage is his third, however over the years many women have come forth claiming affairs with the former Speaker Of The House. Some women have claimed that Gingrich often preferred to have oral sex, because he could then use a Bill Clinton-type legal argument that he didn’t have intercourse with them. As Speaker Of The House, Gingrich led the battle to impeach Bill Clinton when Clinton used the same sort of legalistic argument, but had oral sex with intern Monica Lewinsky according to her own claims and left some sperm ejaculation DNA on a blue dress she owned.

Gingrich has condemned his opponent Mitt Romney for being out of touch with the average person because Romney is worth an estimated quarter billion dollars or better and has made some public $10,000 bets. However, the reports of Gingrich’s opulent spending on diamonds at Tiffany’s for his wife raise some questions about the genuine quality of Gingrich’s complaints. At any rate, the owners of Tiffany’s can now breathe easy that the Gingrich’s are cutting back on cheesecake and not diamonds.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend you know.

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  • anonymous

    how do you give up desert?