Nancy Grace Attempts To Defend Absurd Theory That Whitney Houston Might Have Been Murdered On GOOD MORNING AMERICA

While medical evidence has already discounted that Whitney Houston didn’t die from drowning, but from some other condition before she fell into the bathtub where she was found, that sure didn’t stop former prosecutor Nancy Grace from advancing the absurd claim that Whitney Houston may have been pushed into her death in the bathtub on GOOD MORNING AMERICA today. Hosts on GOOD MORNING AMERICA remained perfectly calm amid the foolish speculation by Grace which has already been completely discounted by the physical evidence of the autopsy since Whitney Houston’s death.

However, it is important to note that some doctors who have prescribed medications for Whitney Houston are stating to be interviewed by investigators. When toxicology tests come back, that could possibly lay the legal basis for any possible prosecution if any doctors wrongly prescribed medications for someone that they knew suffered from drug abuse problems. Some medical experts have already condemned the prescription of at least drug by one of her doctors as being completely inappropriate for anyone suffering from drug addiction.

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  • I think Nancy is just doing that because she have a show that needs ratings. Nancy is obviously a very opinionated woman and I respect her for that. I think whatever speculation about Whitney’s death should be put aside now. She’s dead! Let’s all move on.