Whitney Houston is Dead at 48

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is Dead at 48

Singer Whitney Houston is dead at 48-years-old it has been confirmed by her publicist Kristen Foster. The AP is reporting that there are no details as to where or how she died, but that she died earlier today, Saturday February 11, 2012.

Houston was a best-selling super-star from the middle 1980s through the late 1990s. She was the epitome of grace, charm, sex-appeal and an absolutely stunning voice and musical talent. Her downfall came through drug abuse and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown. Her image was increasingly tarnished with outrageous, erratic, wild-eyed public behavior.

The story is of Whitney Houston’s death is still unfolding.

UPDATE: There are unconfirmed reports that Whitney Houston’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Ray J found her dead at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

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