America’s Greatest Bum Wines: Night Train Express

At 17.5% alcohol, Night Train Express is one of the most famous of the bum wines, and something of a legend among low-end fortified wines. Citrus and other flavors help to mask the natural taste of the product that some compare to Clorox bleach. Although Night Train Express is actually manufactures by Gallo, Gallo seems downright embarrassed to associate their good name with this low end, very high alcohol content wine, so the label deceptively reads the manufacturer as Night Train Limited.

The hard rock band, Guns N’ Roses was so impressed with the ability of Night Train to induce some major league alcohol trips that it even wrote the song, “Night ” about this potent fortified wine. Some say it’s alcohol content is so high that it can produce some weird trips in some people. And some cities have pushed to remove it from skid row type areas because of claimed problems it causes.

Regardless of all of this, Night Train Express ranks as one of the most legendary of the bum wines, and is probably worth experiencing at least once for the adventurous. It remains like the Holy Grail of the legendary bum wines, and although maligned by critics, and a controversial legal drug, Night Train Express remains something of a folklore legend among the most potent wines.

The cover art of Night Train Express also seems to be something of legend as well. This train seems to beckon you to climb on and ride and join rock stars who sang about it.

All aboard. The Night Train Express is now leaving the station for a trip into a total drunken stupor.

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  • Anonymous

    Paul, you are a Californian, right?  Did you ever try Thrifty beer?  Or Brew 102?