Taylor Momsen In FHM Magazine

Naughty 18 year old bad girl, Taylor Momsen, graces the cover of March issue of FHM. She’s also interviewed inside. But, she’s not entirely the bad girl brat that you think. Momsen claims that she works so much because of her strong work ethic that she usually only gets just 4 hours a day sleep. She loves working, and is so high-strung that she can work on this little sleep. And she’s actually glad to be past GOSSIP GIRL, because music is her first love.

That’s not a bad thing that Taylor is so much into her music. Her debut album from her group, Pretty Reckless, was a really great album of mostly hard rock that got a rave review here. Taylor has proven herself to be a great songwriter and singer both. Much of the album was written when she was just 16. And her band is playing one show after another for the next few weeks in both Canada and the U.S. Pretty Reckless is a great act, and their shows are well worth catching. Their schedule is posted over on their Website. Check it out.

Yet, you have to wonder what Taylor Momsen’s parents must be thinking this moment. Their little girl, who’s just barely 18, is running around with a bunch of 30 year old musician types, and she just loves ultra-high heel stripper shoes and is best friends with porn star Jenna Haze. Oh, what a lovely Norman Rockwell painting moment that is!

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