NBC & NFL Offer Apology For Halftime Show Middle Finger Salute By Singer M.I.A.

Madonna, you remember her, don’t you? She’s like a Britney Spears for old people. Well, her Super Bowl halftime show was an amazing and well choreographed production. However, one of her guest singers, M.I.A., from the UK, decided in the spur of the moment to flip the world the finger and utter a little four letter word. All of this caused both NBC and the NFL to offer an apology. However, it came so quick that it would take some some sort of video stop action specialist to pick out the moment. Even on slow motion on your video recorder, the moment comes and goes in a flash. In fact, most people probably never knew it. So what’s the big deal here?

So what about those pompous asses over at the FCC? Are they going to look at this fleeting moment and want to issue some fine? Holy Christ! If most people didn’t see anything wrong, then why bother.

The Super Bowl was very exciting this year, and the halftime show was exceptionally good. Madonna did the Super Bowl right. She should be very proud. Now, back to the nursing home with her.

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