MISTERPOLL: Sometimes Polling The Very Absurd

While GALLUP, RASMUSSEN, ZOGBY, HARRIS all aim to be as accurate as possible barometers for significant social and political opinions, the social polling network, MISTERPOLL aims for a whole unique perspective on polling. Readers of the site make their up own polls, and other readers of the site vote in the polls and offer up comments.

GALLUP and the other polling organizations all aim for serious questions, but MISTERPOLL has the freedom to be both free and fun. Certainly readers often pose serious questions on MISTERPOLL, for example a poll on SOPA, where 92% of MISTERPOLL readers opposed this legislation proposed by Congress to combat Internet piracy and foreign Websites that are lax at respecting U.S. copyright laws. But, often MISTERPOLL allows users to pose absurd or outrageous questions, often sexual of nature in the uncensored section of the site.

Sometimes some interesting social trends emerge from the results of the polls. Certainly, MISTERPOLL probably draws a younger more liberal readership than the demographics that GALLUP and other polling firms capture. One poll on American political parties only found the Democratic Party as the only American political party with a very slight positive rating for example. The Republicans, Greens, Constitution and Libertarians are drew higher negative than positive numbers. That sort of dissatisfaction with politics seems to be somewhat echoed in a new GALLUP POLL where the number of Independent voters is at an all-time high, and the Democrats are at a historic 22year low mark.

But, GALLUP and other polling organizations fail to tread on some of the outrageous sexual questions posed on MISTERPOLL. Reading some of the questions and responses, you certainly hope that readers are only engaging in mere fantasy, because some of the questions and responses are deeply disturbing sometimes.

Some polls seem a little funny, like for example when some male cross-dressers ask whether they should go out in public dressed in girl’s clothes or not. Other times it seems like many young females offer up polls about spanking, solely because it’s a favorite sexual fetish of theirs more than anything. It’s surprising how many polls are on MISTERPOLL about this one single topic. It appears to be a favorite of many readers on this site. Other polls sometimes ask readers what’s their favorite porn. For some odd reason, GALLUP and other polling organizations don’t seem to ask questions like this? For some reason, GALLUP doesn’t have respondents who claim to have been spanked with a TV remote like on MISTERPOLL. MISTERPOLL is just that wacky and weird. Most normal people change TV channels with a remote control, you know.

So, if you’re interested in finding out other readers favorite sexual positions on one hand, or their favorite bands, on the other hand, then MISTERPOLL is a real treasure trove of useless, but interesting information, as well as some interesting reader messages and discussion.

MISTERPOLL is a strange little social polling website for sure. It’s worth checking out and getting a good laugh or two. People say the darnest things. MISTERPOLL proves that.

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