Shy’m Form-Fitting Transparent Plastic Corset Stuns at the NRJ Music Awards (Photos)


You might not be familiar with Shy’m if you aren’t French. Until today that is. All eyes were in the 26-year-old French singer as she posed on the red carpet at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres in Cannes for the NRJ Music Awards dressed in a form-fitting transparent plastic corset that. She was stunning and managed to increase her name recognition throughout the tabloid reading world. Just. Like. That.

The French beauty showed up on the NRJ Music Awards red carpet wearing a see-through plastic corset that was form-fitted perfectly to her form. The transparent plastic was embedded with what looked like a white fringe-type material that also provided an accent around all the edges of the garment, giving it a fantasy frost effect. She had a white sheet wrapped around her waist that exposed her long legs.

She wore her hair in a long braided pony-tail. The over-all affect was Grecian and showed her fabulous figure to its best advance. And Voila! It also made her much more visible to the word outside of France, in more ways then one.

Her choice of fashion was stunning and she was stunning in it. Gorgeous from head to toe.

Shy’m real name is Tamara Marthe. She was born just out of Paris in 1985. Her mother is French and her father is from Martinique. Her debut album was Mes Fantaisies, in 2006. Four of her songs from her debut album have reached the Top 10 in France. She won the French version of Dancing With the Stars (Danse avec les stars) in 2011.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing and hearing more from Shy’m from now own.

Me, oui!!!

Shy’m: La première fois – Music Video

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  • I like the dress of that woman. She is looking fabulous on it. I clearly show her boobs and want to smooch her tits hard.