KILLER KARAOKE Seriously Injures Contestant

Things sure went wrong on the set of a new upcoming singing competition game, KILLER KARAOKE, when a female contestant fell off the stage and broke many bones in her lower back after she was sprayed with water. The new singing competition show, which bis likely to air on TruTV in early 2012, involves contestants attempting to perform songs while there are attempts by the show to disrupt their singing. The object of the game is for a contestant to be able to perform despite water or other disruptions to their performance. It is based off a popular British TV show, SING IF YOU CAN.

JACKASS star Steve-O is the host of the new show, which already has it’s first lawsuit because of the serious injuries to the female contestant.

That’s one heck of a start to a show. You haven’t even aired one, and you’re already being sued.

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