Miley Cyrus Spanked By Mom!

Not that long ago, the mom of Miley Cyrus gave the young woman a playful little reminder spanking in a dressing room with a hairbrush after she displeased mom by cracking her knuckles. Well, given Miley’s latest naughty photos incident with a birthday cake, it might be a safe to bet that mom would just love to go Medieval on her naughty little daughter’s bottom just to remind her how a proper young lady is supposed to conduct themselves in public.

At 19, Miley probably hopes mom thinks she’s too old for such discipline. But, then again we don’t know her mom. But, we can just guess that mom is none too happy at her daughter’s latest public outrage.

See Miley Cyrus photos.

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  • There is one little problem with the spanking issue. Miley is a resident of Castle Anthrax.

  • Paul Hooson

    There’s another big problem, David. Some naughty girls enjoy it too much. It’s hardly punishment for more than a few of them. At any rate, Miley’s little snapping from mom was playful and funny.