Miley Cyrus Really Goes To Town On A Penis Shaped Birthday Cake!

Hannah Montana, how could you? It seems like Miley Cyrus really, really, really wants to leave her former Disney role behind her. She wants the whole world to see some naughty photos of her as she goes down on a penis shaped birthday cake. She was helping to celebrate her boyfriend, Liam Hensworth’s, birthday, and decided to make his party a pants-stiffening experience for all the guests with her lusty and x-rated play with the cake. Let’s just say that most birthday parties don’t usually have guests do things like this. In fact, at most birthday parties, most guests don’t do the cake.

Nearly as good as all of this is a nice photo of Miley sucking on a drink with that naughty girl look. Thanks TMZ for this great story tip and use of your photos.

Her father must feel right proud right about now.

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