The Erotic Art World Of Lynn Paula Russell(Paula Meadows)

Actress and illustrator Lynn Paula Russell, also known as Paula Meadows has been a longtime legend among UK erotic artists, often strangely using fictionalized versions of herself in her erotic artwork, allowing her the freedom to explore her own BDSM fantasies and other dark and taboo sexual fantasy areas. At one time, she even did a little porn work and even acted as an editor for an adult publication for nine years over in the UK. She has a variety of books and art downloads available for sale on her own erotic art Website.

Interestingly, her husband is a children’s book author, and Lynn has been able to supply some wholesome images for these books in addition to her far more adult content which she is far better known for.

Lynn Paula Russell also has produced some erotic art books based on popular themes such as the KAMA SUTRA and also THE STORY OF O, the notorious French novel. She remains a cult favorite among UK underground art artists.

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