Beyonce’s Hospital Security Controversy

The birth of Beyonce’s baby was a huge celebrity event at the Lennox Hill Hospital, however several patients weren’t happy about all the extra security at the hospital, and filed some complaints with New York state health officials claiming that the extra security made visiting their new babies difficult to impossible. But, since the infamous kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, many celebrities have since taken extra precautions to protect their new babies and small children from possible kidnappers. Beyonce is a major celebrity, and the birth of her new baby could have only invited a possible ransom incident if tight security measures weren’t taken.

Beyonce and Jay Z had a brand new room that they could stay in at the Lennox Hill Hospital that was set up similar to a luxury hotel suite. This not only afforded them tight security, but additional comfort as well. Some reports claim that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire hospital wing to provide them good security. However, that report has been disputed. It appears the new luxury rooms for VIP patients provide plenty of good security features for celebrity patients, insuring them a safe stay at the hospital keeping away both crazed fans as well as possible crime. The couple did pay a 10 man security team to protect both the mother and baby during the stay at the hospital, but New York state health officials didn’t find that this was a bad thing. If anything, it only made the hospital stay for all of the patients in the maternity ward much safer it seems.

One contractor made a formal complaint to state health authorities claiming that access to his young twins was greatly limited by the enhanced security measures for Beyonce and her new baby, but the state investigation didn’t find any merit to this complaint.

TMZ, which allows us use of their resources for our news-service, provided this photo of the luxury hospital room that Beyonce used. It was charged at the standard rates, where allegations of the couple renting an entire wing or ward of the hospital are unfounded.

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  • So glad they said they didn’t want to spoil the baby! lol