Max Hardcore Back Again…..His Head Back From The Pike

After serving federal prison time on obscenity charges, Max Hardcore is back in the adult film business. Caught up in the 2008 presidential election year political climate where social conservative organizations demanded a political payback for their support and a crackdown on pornography, the former Bush Administration looked for a head it could mount on a pike to parade around as proof that this administration could pander itself by selling justice to it’s supporters. Adult filmmaker Max Hardcore became an easy target, as Christian conservative prosecutors were only too happy to go after this guy who offered films dealing with some strange incidental scenes of urination and fisting, along with the normal and routine sex scenes.

The new look Max Hardcore films will only feature hardcore sex, the weird stuff will be gone. European porn goes for the extreme stuff. But, a few weird things are taboo here in the United States. Max should have realized that, because that’s how he got himself convicted of obscenity in the first place.

Paul F. Little, who uses the trademark Max Hardcore for both himself and his films spent two years in a federal prison along with six months in a halfway house on his politically motivated charges. His original 46 month sentence was equal to what Dr. Conrad Murray has received for the murder of Michael Jackson. Little also paid around $100.000 in fines besides forfeiting property and his old website to the government.

Little wants distributors and dealers to have confidence in his new company, which now includes 200 of his old titles that have been sanitized of the incidental taboo scenes that got him prosecuted in the first place. He claims that prosecutors have no interest in prosecuting normal mainstream American porn, as long as it avoids some taboo things such as fisting or urination, although in several states such as Arizona, Utah and in the South, some prosecutors have attempted to prosecute mainstream porn films that feature male ejaculation, attempting to equate this with illegal depiction of excretion, another legal taboo for U.S. porn.

Why the government felt that it was so darn important to rid the massive porn marketplace of just a few offending titles seems like a funny question. It seems to hardly make any difference if a few titles contain a Little more outrageousness than another. Yet, government felt that the expense of spending a great deal of government money simply to remove one offending porn company from the marketplace of a huge number of porn companies seemed like a perfect way to send a political statement of political payback to some Christian conservative groups during an election year. During an election year, often things like this happen. Local sheriffs would crack down on bars, social gambling and prostitution, all of which would be back after the election. The feds work the same way. In reality, the feds probably mostly enjoy porn as much as the general public does. So making one meaningless prosecution of one offending company is just enough to satisfy the political pressure groups while keeping most porn on the marketplace for everyone to enjoy. It’s just that cynical and hypocritical of a political statement to make. But, the prosecution of Paul Little was pretty painful to him. “I was really punished”, he noted compared to Dr. Conrad Murray. The only positive thing that came from his imprisonment was some help with his heavy use of “alcohol”, he also noted.

It’s probably not likely that the Obama Justice Department will have any politically motivated prosecutions of adult porn this year. They don’t have much to prove to some Christian conservative political pressure groups this year. But, in other years, someone like a Max Hardcore is likely to get their head mounted a pike to be paraded around as a political statement.

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