Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Going Off the Air

Grab your hankies, now! As if ABC hasn’t given us enough reasons to tear up over Extreme Makeover: Home Edition over the past nine years, they’re really putting us through the ringer by cancelling the do-gooder show. January 13 will be the final regular episode, a two-hour finale extravaganza that will have the team rebuilding and re-beautifying seven tornado-trashed homes in seven days in Joplin, Missouri. ABC is throwing fans a bone; however, with four specials planned for the future.

The first nail in the coffin of the popular, Emmy-winning series may have been when it was moved from its cushy, Sunday evening spot to a new, Friday night timeslot. The consistently-performing show just wasn’t able to capture the same audience share on its new night, no matter how heart-wrenching and pathetic the back-story of the week. Over the past decade, the show has rebuilt more than 200 homes for needy families across the country, and has put a twinkle in the eye of more than one homeowner with dazzling guest appearances by stars such as Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Tyler Perry, Rhianna, KISS, Kobe Bryant, Glenn Close and Derek Jeter (among others).

While no one knows where well-deserving families are going to be able to get an extreme home makeover once the show and its four specials are finally over, fans will be able to catch Ty Pennington (host and former hot Trading Spaces carpenter) on a lifestyle show with Tim Gunn, of Project Runway. The new show, The Revolution, is a daytime ABC vehicle for Ty and Tim to sit around and gab with a regular panel featuring a celeb trainer, women’s health expert (sorry, fellas – no men’s health expert is slated) and a relationship expert. The gang will be focusing on one woman per week and will take the audience along on her “personal journey” over the course of five months. It seems the hyperactive Ty will be extremely making over broads instead of buildings.

With the show winding down, I feel I can finally admit that I was a victim of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and its Sunday night timeslot, being unable to control my emotions whenever I  saw Ty and his band of merry makeover magicians change the lives of sad, pitiful people living in ramshackle hovels and often missing limbs. No matter how much I tried to suck it up and refuse to cry, it never worked. I bawled like a baby every time. So, for the past several years, I only caught the tail-end of the show – the “Move that bus!” payoff part of the show, if you will – while waiting for Desperate Housewives to begin. I thought there was no way that tiny bit of show would make my cry. But it did. Again and again.

Now that I know my chances to try to avoid crying are limited, I might have to tune in again, just to give my waterworks a good workout.

Sarah is a regular TV and movie writer at Celebutaunt and can be found on Twitter at @sarahquesera.

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