Michele Bachmann Signs Unconstitutional Pledge To Ban All Pornography

Idiot candidate for president, Michele Bachmann has signed an idiot pledge for the idiot group, The Family Leader. an Iowa based religious screwball organization, pledging to ban all pornography. One big problem with that idiot pledge, Michele Bachmann, most porn is perfectly legal and protected by the U.S. Constitution. Only, a tiny portion of porn such as bestiality, extreme sadomasochism or other very extreme material can legally be prosecuted as obscene. Further, as president you have no legal grounds to enforce the “local community standards” test for illegal porn either. Local cities and governments actually enforce local laws, however if a national distributor violates a local law, they could be prosecuted for breaking federal law. However, obscenity prosecutions are rare, and most often not worth the government money spent to remove one offensive title of book or movie from the market when thousands of new porn titles are released each year. Further, Bachmann has zero power as president to use prior restraint to ban new pornography titles before they are even published.

It’s issues like this that prove just how little someone like Michele Bachmann really knows about government powers, the role of courts or the legal process. The other candidates are at least intelligent enough not to have signed this idiot pledge, which is clearly unconstitutional. Probably, the other candidates refused to sign this pledge because they’re running more serious campaigns for president than Bachmann.

76 year old Congressman Ron Paul. a perennial candidate for president, had a little fun at Michelle Bachmann’s expense on Friday’s THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno, when he claimed that his biggest impression of Bachmann is that she hates Muslims. Gee, there’s more mixed nuts running for president than Planter’s has in the entire company.

Likely, the multi-billion dollar American adult entertainment industry isn’t too worried about Michele Bachmann, however they are always concerned when a new Republican administration comes into power because traditionally some legal harassment and more obscenity arrests take place than during most Democratic administrations. From PLAYBOY Magazine to the hardcore stuff, most business leaders in the adult entertainment industry lean heavily democratic in their voting and support of candidates.

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  • How about providing a hyperlink to a news report about Bachmann and the pledge. I’d like to go to the source of your info.

  • Paul Hooson

    In all fairness, ALF, some of the reported details of the nine point pledge have been controversially reported. And although Bachmann supposedly disagreed with strong language that sought to make homosexuality seem akin to second-hand smoke, she signed the nine point pledge regardless. So you have to ask is this just being a pandering politician, or is this a sign of sheer ignorance on her part. What’s the deal here, you have to ask?

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time.

  • Paul Hooson

    Great photo, Chico. I’ll have to print that photo and save it for later use….or abuse.

  • Anonymous

    See, this is the crap that worries me about conservatives.

    We got an economy in shambles, 15% real unemployment, half the country on government assistance and we get idiots who want candidates to support really stupid social con talking points.

    This isn’t Tea Party politics.  This isn’t smaller government.  This isn’t getting the government out of the way so people can work.  This is right-wing, nanny-state horseshit.

  • Paul Hooson

    Righton Mun. Tea Party politics should mean a smaller government with less government intrusion in the private conduct of American citizens who work hard to pay all the taxes. But, you know that likely won’t happen. It’s still the same old social conservative pandering act of spending millions of tax dollars with the Justice Department for endless pornography investigations looking for some absurd DVD that crosses some line of good taste just to make a prosecution to satisfy religious leaders who head groups like Morality In Media or the American Family Association. For the most part, porn is mostly harmless adult fantasy, and neither the actors or the viewer are harmed in any way. I’ve even seen some comic outtakes from some S&M movie production, where the actors are all laughing and joking after the shoot, where you could tell that everyone actually had a good time on the set with a party after the shoot, and the whole thing was just a carefully staged fantasy where no one was really hurt. Porn is a funny thing thing. Some people are willing to do outrageous things for money, and other people are willing to pay money to stand and watch. Some cranky religious leader doesn’t have the right to tell everyone else in society which entertainment is acceptable. Some like John Hagee still think that all rock music is degenerate and evil for example.