Holy 30 ROCK! Someone Please Change Alec Baldwin’s Diaper!

30 ROCK star Alec Baldwin certainly went all out misbehaving the last couple of days. First he delays an American Airlines flight because he refused to stop playing a cellphone game, causing a confrontation with airline employees, calling them inappropriate names and acting up enough that he was thrown off the plane, further delaying a flight to New York that was already running a half hour behind schedule. Then Baldwin begins a serious of Tweets on his Twitter account talking about how miserable airlines have become with “Filthy planes, barely edible meals, cuts in service to less-traveled locations”, and even comparing airlines to a “greyhound bus” experience, creating anger over at the Greyhound company for his comments. And Baldwin also tweeted that the airlines are a place where “Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950’s find jobs as flight attendants”. Oh, what a lovely image!

Oh, did I forget to mention how Baldwin slammed the lavatory door so blessed hard that even the flight crew in the locked cabin were concerned about what was going on with the actor? Gee, and this guy wonders why he got kicked off the flight. He’s lucky a federal Marshal didn’t arrest him on some federal charge or something.

Today, Baldwin did apologize to other passengers on the American Airline flight for causing them a further delay while he threw his little tirade. And he pulled down his Twitter account, deleting his comments over the last couple of days. Well, it’s a start. But, now could someone please change his diaper? We’ve got a fussy baby here!

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  • Poor baby!!! He didn’t get his way and pitched a tantrum! lol