Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Leaked

Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover

The big Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover photo was supposed to be a big reveal for the 25-year-old actress and problem-child, but someone took a photo of the cover and leaked it on Twitter. Oh yea! So we get to show it to you hear.

Lindsay’s mother has said the photo shoot was ‘tastefully done’. AS IF a Lohan would know ‘tasteful’ if it slapped them up-side the head. I’m not sure what ‘tastefully done’ means in Lohan-speak, but I suppose we’ll find out.

Everyone is all excited to see Lindsay Lohan naked in Playboy which is a complete mystery to me. What part of Lindsay Lohan has the world not seen at this point? Maybe its that the photos might be a little more ‘tastefully done’ than flashing herself at paps whenever she needs some more money. Which reminds me, she’s allegedly being paid $1 million for her work with Playboy.

Apparently Lindsay was able to work this Playboy photo shoot in while working her community service at the morgue and going to court-ordered psychotherapy. The girl works so hard! After all, she supports her whole family.

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Lindsay had been set to reveal the Playboy cover on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on December 15th. But now that its been leaked it won’t be as big a reveal. Unless they do a quick switch with the photos – which is entirely possible.

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  • Lindsay Lohan give the naked pose for the playboy magazine. I watch her naked photo. Her body shape is nice and blonde boobs make me crazy.