Kate Gosselin’s Face-lift Denial

Kate Gosselin face lift?

Kate Gosselin is saying she didn’t have a face lift in spite or rumors that she has. The 36-year-old mother of eight denies that she’s had work done – other than the tummy tuck she had to renew her figure after giving birth to her sextuplets after having her twins – making her the mother of eight and fodder for her reality TV show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight and then after her divorce Kate Plus Eight which was cancelled this season.

Since her television series has been cancelled she’s had to get a regular job. She’s now working at CouponCabin.com selling, you guessed it, skin care coupons! So naturally she has to look youthful. She attributes her youthful appearance to the skin care products she’s privy to through her new job. So buy it cause your looks will improve to the same degree that hers have if only you take advantage of what she’s selling, blah, blah, blah.

Rather than the skin products she’s hawking as part of her new job, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, suggests that it looks more like Kate Gosselin has had some fat transfers. Ghavami says that’s become a very popular form of plastic surgery that involves having fat infections in the face to fill in lines and to make the skin more elastic.

You tell me. Good genes? Good stylist? Good products at her new job or fat injections to keep her youthful? You be the judge! Has Kate Gosselin had a face lift?

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