The Doors Issue Limited Edition L.A. WOMAN Vinyl Singles Box Set

While the release date for the 40th anniversary edition of L.A. WOMAN has been pushed up to January 24, for the two and five cd sets, a special limited edition box set of four high quality vinyl singles from the upcoming expanded L.A. WOMAN album has just been released, limited to just 4,000 copies. It sells for just under $50. It includes singles of “Love Her Madly”, “Riders On The Storm”, “The Changeling” and a fourth disc of chatter from the band. Guitarist Robbie Krieger is especially a fan of vinyl, who loves the sound of it far more than cds.

The four single box set includes both the original songs, plus an alternate version of each song on the B side. However, with only 4,000 copies in existence and the high price just under $50, don’t expect causal buyers to opt for this. This item is strictly for hardcore fans of the band.

In January, the expanded 40th anniversary edition of L.A. WOMAN will be available as the standard release, but for just under $100 the special collector’s version of the album will be available as a five cd box set. It is available for pre-order on The Doors website. Both albums will include the original album, plus unreleased alternate versions of the albums ten tracks. A rare unreleased studio version of “Rock Me’ with keyboardist Ray Manzarek on vocals along with the unreleased Jim Morrison song, “She Smells So Nice” will be released on the album along with plenty of band chatter on the five disc box set version.

With the surviving members of The Doors aging, it only seems to better to release these rare recordings now than never.

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