Michelle Bachmann Steamed About Jimmy Fallon Interview Music Selection

Michelle Bachmann is a little bit steamed about her interview last week over on the Jimmy Fallon show, although her handlers should have realized that it was probably to have a few jokes at her expense. But, what really has her steamed is The Roots band chose to use the R&B song by Fishbone,”Lyin’ Ass Bitch” to introduce her. That part still has her very angry. And she probably has a little sympathy from neutral observers as well.

The fact of the matter is that she deserved more respect than this. It didn’t seem very fair to invite a guest on and then hit them below the belt this hard. Michelle Bachmann proved to good a sport to even appear on the show. the producers for Jimmy Fallon’s show needed to show her some fairness, even if they intended to have a few jokes. Fair is fair. You should always be a gentleman.

Jimmy Fallon has already stepped as a gentleman here, making an apology for the poor song choice. But, Bachmann would like NBC to offer an apology as well. Jimmy Fallon’s a very decent man, and getting his apology is probably about as good as this little incident might get. But, if it makes Bachmann happy, then maybe NBC should at least make the effort to issue a nice letter to the politician. It might help.

You also have to wonder why it took an entire week for Bachmann’s campaign to respond to this incident. One clue, you can’t be president and then think about a crisis for a whole week before you decide to act. But, the public can rest assured here. Bachmann is highly unlikely to a presidential nominee next year. Newt Gingrich has now moved ahead of the crowded GOP pack.

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  • Anonymous

    Paul, it didn’t take them a week; it took them a day — for word of what had been pulled to get around. The show aired Monday night; where the hell did you get “a week?”

    Second, Fallon issued a lame-ass non-apology saying the guy had been “grounded,” then later called it “a mess” and hoped she’d come back. Third, both were made through Twitter, not on the show where the insult was conveyed.

    Now go ahead and explain how your reaction would be just as tepid if Hillary Clinton had been greeted with “The Bitch Is Back” or Michelle Obama with “Baby Got Back.”