20 Year Old Egyptian Woman’s Nude Facebook Protest

Don’t expect to see an Egyptian edition PLAYBOY or HUSTLER magazine any time real soon, but a 20 year old Egyptian college student is testing the limits of freedom in the new Egypt with an artistic nude protest over on Facebook. Instead of being welcomed, it has caused both hardline Islamists as well as reformers to denounce her actions. But, protests are nothing new for Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, who has been a controversial blogger for a while in a country ruled by religious oppression. Her boyfriend was recently released from prison after four years for posting comments critical of Islam as well as dictator Mubarak on his blog. This is the same socially and spiritually enlightened nation that CBS reporter Lara Logan was violently publicly stripped of her clothes by a crowd, then beaten and raped with fingers and hands by the crowd of sex starved men.

Ahead of elections in Egypt, hardliners are claiming that reformers will weaken the morals of Egyptian society. Morals? What kind of morals does a society have when a journalist like Lara Logan can’t even report the news without being violently sexually assaulted by a crowd? Despite a number of cell phone videos that identified attackers of the CBS reporter, Egyptian police failed to arrest even one attacker of hers. That’s crack detective work right there! The fact of the matter is that this society is so screwed up that crimes such as rape aren’t even treated seriously there, yet the society goes into an uproar when an attractive young woman poses for an artistic nude photo shoot.

Cheers to Ailaa for challenging this society. It’s a dysfunctional mess that sorely needs a new order. Getting rid of dictator Mubarak is just a baby step there.

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  • herddog505

    Imam Achmed bin-Stickuptheass sent you five stones.

    Well, he will tomorrow…

  • Those “sex-starved” men that Lara Logan encountered were also chanting “Jew, Jew” (although Logan isn’t Jewish) while they were stripping her of her clothes.  If not rescued by a group of women, Logan would have had much worse happen.

    Now that the Muslim Brotherhood has taken power, Egyptian women are subject to virginity checks & female circumcision (that’s genital mutilation where the clitoris is removed, usually by a group of women in a non-surgical setting).  Reasoning: sex is a duty for a woman, and not to be enjoyed; by removing the pleasure center, the woman will not have sexual desires.

    Coptic Christians (a sect that has been around since Biblical times – and still do their service in Aramaic) are being driven out, beaten, churches burned.  Yeah that Islam is such a tolerant & peaceful religion.

    And the Arab Spring is a real step forward… like the Inquisition & Crusades.