L.A. WOMAN Deluxe 40th Anniversary Release Due In Late November

Each year, The Doors manage to treat their fans to a great cd release just in time for Christmas. This year is no exception, as in late November a deluxe 2cd and 4cd special collector’s box set edition of the remixed landmark L.A. Woman album will become available. The two disc set will feature a remixed version of the last album recorded shortly before the death of lead singer Jim Morrison in Paris on disc one. Disc two features rare outtake versions of the albums songs as well as banter between the musicians and the recording engineers. The four disc set includes even more rare material than the 2 disc set and is intended to be sold mostly through The Doors own website.

Backing up the release of the deluxe L.A. WOMAN reissue is the recent release of the DVD, MR. MOJO RISIN’: THE STORY OF L.A. WOMAN, which has been recently released. There is also the scheduled release of a computer app as well to provide even more background about the historic album’s production in case some fan of the band just can;’t get enough.

Any true fan of the band should be satisfied here, don’t you think?

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