Matthew Fox Assault: Countersues Female Bus Driver Heather Bormann Who Accused Him of Attack

Matthew Fox

Last August bus driver Heather Bormann accused LOST actor Matthew Fox of assault. It seems he was a little sh*t faced and tried to get on a bus and he wasn’t on the private passenger list. Anyway, when Heather Bormann told him he couldn’t get on the bus a confrontation ensued. Prosecutors declined to prosecute him for assaulting the woman, which makes one wonder if her version of events were, in fact, factual. Or maybe it is that Matthew Fox was Dr. Jack Shepherd on LOST and the hero of the show who got the girl (Kate) in the end in spite of the on-going love triangle between himself, Kate and Sawyer throughout the show. No, that probably wasn’t why they didn’t press charges against him, but that’s how we know him.

Anyway, now Matthew Fox is counter-suing the female bus driver Heather Bormann, who allegedly punched him in the face during the altercation about whether or not he belonged on the bus she was driving. His law suit claims that Bormann provoked him and the subsequent publicity caused him ‘public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame due to the media fallout.’

According to Fox’ lawsuit, the whole situation cost him job opportunities and negative publicity. He is seeking unspecified damages.

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