This third film in the very low budget Killjoy the killer clown franchise, is also known as KILLJOY 3. On the Redbox rental version, the film is entitled, KILLJOY’s REVENGE. Originally, the KILLJOY series was a sort of blaxploitation, urban horror genre series of films. And the third installment has a little of that feel as well. The movie also reads a lot like a very low budget ripoff of Stephen King’s IT as well. In order to save money, Full Moon pictures produces this horror series of films in China, which cut the total production costs to around $150,000 total for the first two films. Likely, this third go around also was made on a dime store budget as well.

About the biggest improvement in this third KILLJOY film installment is the improved makeup of the main character compared to the first two times out. KILLJOY is definitely more scary looking in this third outing, and he has three more demonic clown sidekicks in crime, including a female demon clown character, who’s costume mainly consists of body paint. She’s sexy, half naked, and deadly.

But, none of this really helps a movie lacking much of a script or a reasonable conclusion. It’s an intriguing premise where a group of four college students house-sitting get drawn into KILLJOY’s world via an old mirror. But, a final dinner scene where one young woman is going to eaten for dinner only results in some some big food fight at the table and then the movie is soon abruptly over. Before that, one young woman has to do a forced harem dance and another guy gets forced into a boxing match with Punchy the clown. That’s not exactly NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, although KILLJOY does manage to convey some of the same sort of dark humor you’d expect from a Freddy Krueger. KILLJOY is a good enough character, and well acted enough , in search of a far better script and movie to star in.

The Bottom Line: Marginally recommended as a sort of popcorn movie, this low budget horror flick just didn’t quite like up to my expectations. Yet, I certainly enjoyed the Killjoy character and his sexy female clown friend. *1/2(One and a half stars, or a little better than flat-out poor. Don’t buy this DVD, just rent it for a single viewing if you love horror flicks).

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