John Force & Family: Drag Racing’s First Family

61 year old drag racer John Force has to be one of the most entertaining figures in racing today. His keyed-up high energy nervous style and wild off-the-wall interviews make him the most fun of any racer the NHRA has in their league of racing superstars. Force is now the oldest of any championship racers for the funny car group. Force certainly isn’t ready to retire, but this season splits his racing duties with his daughter, Ashley Force Hood, and two other drivers. His daughter is now on a little hiatus herself as she is expecting her first child.

The Force family are like racing royalty. They are the first family of motorsports, where the legacy of this family is likely to reign among racing for generations as cars continue to only go a little faster all the time. Ashley Force Hood is also the president of Force Entertainment, a business enterprise that markets media products for the Force family racing business.

The Force family racing products website features a scad of great diecast products as well as racing wear and collector’s items for sale. For a mere $36.95 you can buy a beautiful die cast version of a classic supercharged hemi funny car engine on a display base. It’s real good looking. And certainly, plenty of hats and other items can be found there. Check it out.

This Summer, John Force became the all time points leader in #1 qualifying positions when his supercharged Ford Mustang funny car ran a blistering 311.99 winning a race. This put him ahead of Warren Johnson, the legendary pro stock racing car champion.

What a great dynasty the Force family has created in American motorsports. What a major Force……

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