Josephine Smith: Female Vampire Attacks Elderly Man in Florida (Photo)

Josephine Smith is the Florida woman who described herself as a female vampire when she attacked an elderly man outside a boarded up Hooters restaurant in St. Petersburg the other day. She took chunks out of his face and arm. See her photo mugshot below.

Josephine Smith Mugshot

Josephine Smith: Female Vampire

Josephine Smith, 22-years-old, walked up on Milton Ellis, 69-years-old, who was sleeping in his motorized wheelchair outside of a vacant Hooters restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida Wednesday night (September 7) and announced she was a vampire and was going to eat him – but not in a good way. She then proceeded to rip chucks of meat out of his face and arm with her teeth.

It should be noted here that according to her Facebook page she’s studying ‘dental assisting’. Interesting professional choice.

Anyway, Ellis got away and called 911. He got stitches and Smith got arrested. Josephine Smith was covered in blog and missing her pants and her panties were around her ankles when she was found. During her police interview she couldn’t say why her clothes were like that. Usually vampires can outrun the cops, but having her panties around her ankles probably slowed her down. Either that or there’s more to this story.

Josephine Smith, aka Female Vampire and now affectionately referred to as Crackula, is being held at the Pinellas County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail. She is charged with felony aggravated battery on an elderly person.

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  • Paul Hooson

    I think I’ve been attacked by female vampires before… but luckily they only got my wallet. But, seriously, what a great story Liz. This is true Major League WTF stuff story, not a Minor League WTF story.

    • Danke Paul. It really is WTF!!! A female vampire?? And why were her pants gone and her panties around her ankles? It seriously sounds like a paid encounter gone wrong, or something. Although, she’s still trying to look like a vampire in the mugshot. Too many vampire movies?