Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Now Available On PornHub For Free

The saga of the Kim Kardashian sex tape With rapper Ray J has taken another strange turn. Rather than disappearing from the market, it appears that PornHub, the world’s largest free porn streaming video site apparently has worked out some sort of deal with Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment to purchase the video. Hirsch initially wanted $30 million for the video, but then the price negotiations quickly fell to around $5 million as an offer. TMZ earlier today reported that the negotiations were ongoing between the two large adult entertainment companies. But, by this afternoon the Kim Kardashian sex tape was running as a top feature on PornHub. This either means that a deal was quickly reached or else PornHub somehow figured a way to jump the gun and get the video up as negotiations continue.

The 5 minute sex tape running on Pornhub gives a link to Vivid’s website, which probably means that some sort of deal advertising Vivid might be key to the deal. Ray J claims half ownership of the tape and wants any transfer of rights to include substantial payment to him.

For Kim Kardashian and her new husband, Kris Humphries, this all has to be a little bit embarrassing. Kim Kardashian will likely be contacting her lawyers looking for legal options to get the video down somehow if it’s even possible.

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