Daryl Hannah Arrested At White House Environmental Protest

Daryl Hannah has found a way to get back in the news. She got herself arrested at an environmental protest against the proposed huge Keystone XL oil pipeline project outside the White House. The huge oil pipeline would run from Canada to Mexico, and would be a realistic approach to the dependency of the United States on oil as fuel source. However, environmentalists are very upset and consider this a major test for President Obama who will be hard pressed no matter which choice he makes. If he sides with the project, then he’s realistically responding to America’s need for oil to operate as a world economy. If he sides with the environmentalists, then he’s not really considering that fully electric or fuel cell automobiles are still a few years away technology-wise.

Environmentalists claim there is a major danger of oil spills despite a State Department study that found no evidence of a serious environmental accident from the design of the pipeline that would run raw oil from the Canadian tar flats to refineries in the Gulf Of Mexico. A Huffington Post piece voiced the opinion that Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton will give likely approval to the project which the president will give final approval to.

Daryl Hannah is the former star of SPLASH and WALL STREET, and probably wins more than loses from the publicity surrounding her arrest for her part in the sit-down protest outside the White House.

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  • It seems like this is the only attention she gets anymore. So sad.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hi, Liz. Daryl who? Oh, now I remember her. Time to catch a falling star…..