Milla Jovovich Flips Off Paps, But Stays in Her Bikini This Time (Photos)

Another day another incident of Milla Jovovich flipping off the paps who are apparently camped out right outside her Cabo San Lucas, Mexico get-away. Here are some pictures.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is vacationing with her producer-director husband Paul Anderson in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We have been able to document just about every day the couple’s been there thanks to the paparazzi who are irritating the living sh-t out of her (much to her husband’s amusement apparently). There Milla Jovovich in a black bikini. Then there was Milla Jovovich in a white bikini which she took off to take a dip in a private pool with Anderson. Things heated up, both with her and her husband and with her flipping off the paparazzi.

Now we have Milla Jovovich in the same white bikini, but with a see-through, flowing, multicolored cover-up, still flipping of the paps. I do know if these were before or after her skinny-dip with her husband. But then, does anyone really care.

Its fun though isn’t it? Ha!

Enjoy more Milla Jovovich bikini photos below.

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  • Terrydrav

    looks to me like they were totaly cock blocking her…funny