Amy Winehouse Toxicology Report: No Illegal Drugs, Cause of Death Unknown

Amy Winehouse

The Amy Winehouse toxicology report has been released in a statement from her family who are reporting that she had no illegal drugs in her system at the time of her death. There was some alcohol present, but its not known if that contributed to her death. Its not been reported if any prescription drugs were in her system.

Her autopsy was inconclusive leaving the cause of death unknown.

It was widely speculated that Amy Winehouse had died as a result of her well-publicized and habitual drug and alcohol dependence. Especially after her disastrous final concert in Belgrade less than a month before her death on July 23rd at just 27-years-old.

Her final recording will be released next month (September 14). She recorded ‘Body and Soul’ with Tony Bennett as part of his Duets album. Bennett will pay tribute to Amy Winehouse at the MTV Video Music Awards. You can see him talking about working with her in the video below.



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