TLC is making some big changes by canceling two of their formerly ratings powerful shows and parting ways with two major reality TV stars the network helped to create. TLC informed Kat Von D that her services would no longer be needed at TMZ as LA INK is being canceled. And Kate Gosselin, got her pink slip last week as well. While the ratings appeared to be strong enough for both programs, it appeared that TLC was beginning to have increasing concerns about the public image that both women are projecting for the network. Both reality stars often grace the tabloids with unflattering stories. It’s almost as if TLC was taking a hint from CBS and TWO AND A HALF MEN by ridding themselves of all of the baggage of Charlie Sheen.

Kat Von D was involved in the infamous breakup of the marriage of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, and only continued to make new bad news. And in the case of Kate Gosselin, TLC decided to pull the plug at episode #150 on September 12 and end the series plagued by constant tabloid news front page stories about the star.

TLC has apparently decided that they want to end the bad publicity associated with some stars, and rebuild their show lineup with some less controversial personalities although both Kat Von D and Kate Gosselin have proven to have durable audiences of fans for the network.

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