Cd Review: Jay-Z & Kanye West WATCH THE THRONE

Rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West have just released their new album WATCH THE THRONE which features plenty of guest appearances including beyonce and more. The new album has already made an impressive debut at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 charts selling around 450,000 copies to date. The album has already had two singles from it, including “HAM.” and “Otis” and should spur a few more singles as well.

Critical reviews of the new album have been generally good, although it’s a little bit difficult to miss the fact that these two rappers sure like to brag about their obscene wealth right in the middle of an economic downturn for many persons. Certainly that and other subject matter make this album controversial. However, songs like “Otis”, a tribute to the late Otis Redding do really stand out from this album as great tracks. This album has plenty of great material to go around and is best purchased in the deluxe 16 track version.

Originally this album was intended to be an EP, however was expanded into a full length album instead, It was recorded back in January 2011 at New York’s Mercer Hotel instead of a conventional recording studio, with plenty of guest stars stepping in to add their talents.

The Bottom Line: Controversial and not for everyone, these two rappers known as The Throne want everyone to know just well off financially they are. And while this might seem pretty arrogant in these hard times, this album should satisfy lovers of the rap genre who seem to want their musicians to display a ton of attitude in their songs. +++(Three stars, or good, Buy this album and love it).

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