Photographer Liz Earls is offering up a controversial new book of the sexual adventures of older women with men. And the result is an awesome adventure of 250 photographs where Earls is the subject of one erotic photographic adventure after another with younger men.

At the age of 40, Earls was unhappy with a human resources job she had and was overweight. She shed 100lbs. and began a quest to pursue her love of younger men. Older women should find her book inspiring as well as eroticism that appeals to the female reader.

Earls spices her excellent collection of black & white and color photographs with text from her Email messages, diary entries as well text messages to her younger lovers. Much like a female Hugh Hefner, Liz Earls has been able to live out her dream of having a nice collection of younger lovers over the years and the new book celebrates her realizing that dream.

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