Shaq and Robert Ross Bicker Like School Children


Shaq is currently embroiled in a crazy scandal involving gang members, sex tapes, cheating spouses, rappers, and more. It’s TMZ-gold. In short, 6 friends of O’Neal’s who allegedly run with the Main Street Mafia Crip gang kidnapped Robert Ross who was supposed to have had a sex tape of Shaq and women who wasn’t his wife. This is not the first dispute between Shaq and Ross, though. Ross was supposed to get a 50% cut of any artist he brought to Shaq’s record label, Deja34 Records, but never did.

On the whole, this back and forth battle between Shaq and his former-friend Robert Ross seems more like a schoolyard argument than a real fight. To make it a little easier to understand, I’ve found a recording of the exchange Ross had with Shaq after the kidnapping and have written up this transcript:

Robert Ross: “Hey Shaq what’s goin’ on? Can I talk to you about something?”

Shaq: “Yeah, Robert Ross. What’s up?”

RR: “You see this bruise on my head?”

S: “Yeah, that looks nasty. How’d you get that?”

RR: “Do you know what being pistol whipped feels like? Cause I do. It really hurts, man.”

S: “Ouch. I’m sorry about that.”

RR: “Well, see, that’s the thing. I think they’re friends of yours.”

S: “Friends of mine? I heard they were gang members. I don’t hang out with gang bangers”

RR: “Yeah, but you used to hang out with them last year. You remember?”

S: “I don’t know about that, Ross.”

RR: “But they said you wanted something from me, and that’s why they beat me up.”

S: “I don’t know.”

RR: “They said they wanted that video I got of you sleeping with that woman.”

S: “Did you give it to them?”

RR: “No.”

S: “Why not fool?”

RR: “I knew you sent them!”

S: “You didn’t tell me you had that video.”

RR: “Man you knew I had security cameras everywhere. And you kept bring women over all the time.”

S: “Yeah okay, but why try and sell them to my ex-wife. That’s cold”

RR: “How’d you know about that?”

S: “Bitch, I read TMZ too. Plus I’m thinking about signing Shaunie to Deja34.”

RR: “I’m probably not going to get my 50% of that deal either.”

S: “What you talking ’bout Robert Ross”

RR: “You and Mark Stevens said that if I brought you some talent, you’d give me half the cut.”

S: “You didn’t bring us no talent.”

RR: “Uh-huh.”

S: “Nu-uh.”

RR: “Yes-huh. Everybody knows I brought you Ray J, and I didn’t get nothing for it.”

S: “I got Ray J myself, and besides, he hasn’t been relevant since 2001.”

RR: “All I Feel was number three on the top Singles for like 6 weeks!”

S: “Nu-uh.”

RR: “Uh-huh. You still owe me half those sales. And my Rolex and the $15,000 your boys took off me.

S: “Who carries $15,000 in cash?”

RR: “You know that’s how I roll. You’re so whack.”

S:  “I’m not whack. I’m Shaq!, and you’d better hand over those videos before anything else unfortunate happens.”

RR: “Too late. I lost ‘em anyway!.”

S: “Now you’re lying!”

RR: “Nu-uh, they all got erased.”

S:”You’re such a liar”

RR: “Am not!”

S: “Are too!”

RR: “Am not!”

S: “Are too!”

…and from there it just deteriorated into random name calling and critique of Shaq’s game with the Celtics.

Preliminary hearings for the court case against the seven men involved in the attack concluded last Monday, and so far Shaquille O’Neal’s and Mark Stevenson’s names have not been mentioned in the proceedings. They continue to deny involvement in the matter, even though his ex-wife corroborates the existence of the sex tapes in Ross’ possession.

The hearing was cut short when Ross claimed someone in the audience appeared to mouth a threat against his life. Ross’ testimony is scheduled to continue on July 6th.

This guest post is by Edwin Daniels who blogs at USdish. You can also follow him on Twitter: @Edandish.

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