Angelina Jolie Visits a Syrian Refugee Camp in Turkey (Photos)

Angelina Jolie visits a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey as part of her duties as a U.N. humanitarian ambassador. See photos and a video of her visit below.

Angelina Jolie

If you pay any attention to world events at all then you know that all kinds of nasty hell is breaking loose in the Middle East. It seems like every country over there is in a war and everybody is bombing everybody and refugees are running from the bloodshed from one country to the other.

That’s why Angelina Jolie goes there every once in a while in her role as U.N. Humanitarian Ambassador. The point of putting a celebrity in that position is to draw attention to the plight of people around the world. The problem with putting a celebrity in that position is that every once in a while it backfires.

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So this weekend Angelina Jolie visited a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey. According to some of the people in one of the camps they planned a big protest while Jolie was there thinking her being there would draw attention to their protest. Instead, the news agencies and paparazzi were only interested in Angelina Jolie and didn’t pay a bit of attention to the refugees in the refugee camps. What attention they did pay only put their families back in Syria in danger (if their photos or names got published). At least they got their refugee camp spruced up with a new coat of paint for Jolie’s visit.

I don’t mean to turn all serious on you but really – come on people! That is just so wrong to care more about following a celebrity around than the tens of thousands of people who are being killed and displaced because of the wars over there! Its just so wrong!

Some people think Angelina Jolie visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey is just a publicity stunt. I think she must really be sincere in the cause she supports because she gets publicity for just existing, she doesn’t have to go to war zones for it.

You can see more photos and a PSA video of Angelina Jolie below.


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