Amy Winehouse Booed in Belgrade, Serbia: Worst. Concert. Ever.

Amy Winehouse was booed in Belgrade, Serbia last night in what has been described as the ‘worst’ concert ever. It was supposed to be the kick-off for her European tour, but things aren’t looking too good for the troubled singer. You can see the disastrous attempt to perform in the video below.

Amy Winehouse

I really thought Amy Winehouse was getting better. She’s been in rehab repeatedly (after saying ‘No, no, no’ to rehab), she left her addict husband, has vacationed a lot in the Caribbean and has been photographed looking healthier and better put together. So when she was preparing to kick-off a European tour it seemed that she might be getting back on track.

Unfortunately, if her concert in Belgrade, Serbia last night is any indication, the image of her getting better is just an illusion. Its really so sad because she really is a great talent. Or was a great talent.

Last night Serbs paid $57 to attend her concert. To put the cost of the concert into perspective the monthly income there averages about $428.

The whole situation in Belgrade got so bad that at one point one of her backup singers came over to sing. Then the concert was cut short.

Below you can see the sad Amy Winehouse video. And here are some Amy Winehouse photos. Here are some more photos from Amy Winehouse in Belgrade. Bizarre and heartbreaking.


Amy Winehouse Booed in Belgrade, Serbia

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