Lady Gaga Reveals All at the CFDA Fashion Awards (Photos)

Lady Gaga reveals all at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Well, almost all. See the photos below.

Lady Gaga

Okay, so we know that Lady Gaga wearing a revealing outfit and ridiculously high shoes that require her to have assistance walking is not really news. But what IS a girl to do when she has to keep upping the ante to keep herself in the news?

Well, she could rely on her talent (and Lady Gaga DOES have talent) or she could keep presenting herself in more and more outrageous outfits (or in eggs, whatever the case may be).

Such is the case with Lady Gaga. She showed up at the CFDA Fashion Awards in a black on black on black, etc. dress complete with a long ruffled train and spikes on her nether places to accept the CFDA Fashion Awards style icon award. I wonder if that had anything to do with hatching out of that egg?

See more Lady Gaga photos.

Some claim she had a nip-slip in the process of arriving at the CFDA Fashion awards. Its hard to believe that such a thing would accidental in this case.

I guess Lady Gaga didn’t reveal ALL at the CFDA Fashion Awards, but surely she is running out of parts to reveal.

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  • Anonymous

    This is not her just trying to top herself. Her wig is to make hr look like Anna Wintour. And her “outfit” is meant to be an ironic joke; she’s at the fashion awards but is wearing no clothes. What a fashion statement! lol