FAMILY GUY Wraps Up Season Finale With Third STAR WARS Parody

FAMILY GUY, one of the greatest animated shows ever to air, wraps up it’s season with a third parody of STAR WARS tonight at 9:00. The season finale is entitled EPISODE IV: IT’S A TRAP. Expect more masterful and irreverent humor that pushes the envelope tonight from this great program. The Griffins’ own twisted version of STAR WARS will certainly leave you laughing with one clever joke and sight gag after another. FAMILY GUY is great entertainment.

Don’t miss the latest misadventures of the Griffins in a galaxy far far away. You know that nothing can possiby go wrong with the genius of Peter Griffin at the helm, don’t you?

Peter Griffin gets a whole hour to rescue himself from himself tonight, so cross your fingers and hope for the best!

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