Princess Diana Death Photo to Show at Cannes Film Festival: Unlawful Killing

A Princess Diana death photo that has never before been seen in the United Kingdom is featured in a new documentary film that will be shown at Cannes Film Festival to the outrage of many Britons. The graphic image is part of a documentary by Keith Allen, Unlawful Killing.

Princess Diana

Uber left-wing film maker and actor Keith Allen (and father of Lily Allen) has made a documentary on what he calls a conspiracy by the British establishment to cover details of the Princess Diana death on August 30, 1997 in a horrific car crash in Paris. Allen says his film doesn’t assert that there was a conspiracy leading up to her death as much as there was one after her death.

The photos of Princess Diana that were made by paparazzi that were following her car when it crashed can be seen on the internet and have been published in papers in other countries, but not in the United Kingdom.

Keith Allen and Mohammed Al Fayed have worked on the film together. Al Fayed is the father of Dodi al Fayed who died in the car crash with Princess Diana and subsequently accused Prince Phillip (and implied Prince Charles) might have orchestrated her death to prevent her from marrying his son.

Allen says his film is a ‘antidote’ for the aftermath of the recent royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The antidote being for the ‘Republicans’ (not the same as the Republican Party in the United States. In Britain the Republicans are the anti-Monarchists who want England to become a Republic rather than a Monarchy).

Prince William and Prince Harry have resolutely refused to comment on the whole issue as it is a ‘private matter’ and about this film in particular as they are said not to want to fuel any publicity for Keith Allen.

To say that the film is in poor taste is to say the very least. To say that it is an opportunistic effort to make some money off the current good feelings about the royalty, following the royal wedding, seems obvious to some of us.

Showing the Princess Diana death photo at the Cannes Film Festival in the movie ‘Unlawful Killing’ is nothing if not just despicable. What’s the point? Princess Diana was hounded by paparazzi in life and still is 12-years after her death. Leave her in peace!

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  • epador

    Oh, but we can’t see OBL’s death photo. Wow!

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  • Eugeniee Est

     I wonder…
    Why the British public focused on one single subject – picture of ‘dying Princess’ to express their outrage about the documentary. The picture itself is not a good idea, I agree!!  However, I disagree with the notion it’s a laughable subject in general. No matter who’s done it, its long time overdue? Keith Allen got his comeuppance from the very same moronic audience who so adored his daughter Lilly…
    Princess Diana’s death to many, was, and remains a murder. I think her sons, by now grown men, would like to see those responsible for it, suffer. Even today, they can hardly admit that publicly. We don’t know who was behind it. It would be good to know the truth. Regardless of ‘finger pointing’ someone did give a green light to the most public of the executions in the last three decades. Slugging off Keith Allen, unsavory as he may be, or the people expressing their personal view in the documentary itself, is pointless. I’m glad it did see the light of day and MAY lead to something much more substantial and appreciated. In general, British public is showing off uneducated, ugly side of the yob, football hooligan society it became.