60 MINUTES Features Exclusive Presidential Interview On bin Laden Raid Events

60 MINUTES is looking for another ratings home-run this weekend with an exclusive interview with the president on the events surrounding the successful Navy Seals mission to kill top terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. Last week, CBS drew heavy interest with an exclusive interview with Lara Logan explaining her brutal mob beating and sexual assault. Minutes later, Lara Logan returned to CBS live on West Coast with the surprise news that Osama bin Laden had finally been tracked down and then killed during a covert Navy Seals raid.

The interview with the president will be the longest interview conducted about the successful covert mission granted by the White House. It will no doubt offer some important new details that will become major news. CBS is no doubt grateful to score such a ratings boosting interview. Talk about a May Sweeps coup!

If you can’t wait for tonight’s full 60 MINUTES interview to air, then a short preview video is available over at CBS today before the show airs later this evening.

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