Dallas Mavericks Push The Lakers To Brink Of Elimination

The reigning NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers are sitting on the brink of elimination today, in the aftermath of another shocking loss to the much tougher than expected Dallas Mavericks. Each game, Dallas has been able to topple the Lakers by the end of the fourth quarter despite the very best efforts of Kobe Bryant and his supporting cast. Los Angeles fans have to in shock with their beloved Los Angeles home team sitting right on the brink of Summer vacation rather than another NBA championship.

Each night out in this series, Los Angeles has proven that their defenses aren’t near good enough to stop the offense that Dallas has been able to mount by game’s end. Los Angeles has to quickly learn how to respond to this crisis or else learn to say bye bye.

Even Jay Leno had to joke, that both the Lakers and bin Laden have one thing in common. A rotten last week.

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