Paul Reiser’s New Show Canceled After Second Episode

Paul Reiser’s return to NBC was supposed to be a huge event at the network. Instead, the new show met with terrible critical reviews as well as soft ratings and was canceled by NBC after only airing twice. NBC had much higher hopes than this for the former star of their once big hit, MAD ABOUT YOU, instead critics compared the show to a lame version of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM(which some critics claim is a less good version of SEINFELD).

All of this puts NBC back to square zero to find another Thursday night blockbuster. Sadly, one of NBC’s best bets quickly wilted here when it quickly became the lowest rated comedy ever aired by NBC. A disaster of historical proportions for the Peacock network.

Well, at least Jay Leno has new joke material after this latest NBC debacle. And on the bright side, so few people watched Paul Reiser’s new show that he”l have no trouble writing each viewer a personal thank you letter for watching. That’s something to look forward to.

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  • NotACritic

    It was a good concept but the writing was contrived and the show felt like it was trying to convince itself it was funny. And they could never get the timing right between the longer bits and what should have been the sight gags. The whole Herny Rollins thing was totally contrived and made you want to switch channels. Also, the show couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be reality TV or a scripted show. The moving handheld camera gave a reality TV feel, but then there’s all this scripted stuff that looked and felt overscripted and it just didn’t gel. Ditto the Larry David scene in the restaurant. They’re in this little intimate restaurant yelling at each other, very loud voices, and nobody – NOBODY seems to notice it’s Paul Reiser and Larry David sitting there yelling at each other in the middle of the restaurant, even though they’re sitting 5 feet away, it’s like they’re on another planet. Need I say more?

    • NotACritic

      The Larry David scene was so forced that they had to go for the oldest joke in the book in Hollywood, the “I’m not gay, I invited you to this restaurant and you’re my man friend but it’s not because I’m gay.” On and on with that for like 2 minutes between people who are supposedly already good friends and it was just boring and stupid. And there’s almost nothing funny about Larry David.

  • guest

    The show got some positive publicity for having a disabled actor (Brock Waidmann) as Reiser’s older son. Someone at NBC obviously wouldn’t stand for this and sat on the show for A YEAR before airing two out-of-order episodes, neither of which had the older kid in it at all!