Royal Wedding Rehearsal Video or Maybe Not!

With the Royal Wedding just a couple of weeks away we know there’s been a lot of rehearsing going on. After all, there’s going to be million gazillion people watching as the lovely Kate Middleton walks down the aisle to meet her Prince Charming (Prince William) at the alter of Westminster Abbey. At least they are finding a way to make that 4-minute walk a little more entertaining.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

We knew that the young and hip Kate Middleton and Prince William might opt for something a little less stuffy and a little non-tradition for a royal wedding. But who could have guessed they’d go this far? The leaked Royal Wedding rehearsal video is below. Okay. So maybe its not real. I’m betting the royal family isn’t liking it too much. But doesn’t Camilla look JUST like Camilla in the video below? And that’s a pretty good Prince Harry too.

Here’s some real Royal Wedding news.



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  • Give yourself enough time to make arrangements for use of the location(s), book a place for your wedding rehearsal dinner and make sure all the players, including the wedding officiant, can attend.