Karin Mackaliunas: Pennsylvania Woman Caught With Heroin, Pills and Money in Her Vajaja

Karin Mackaliunas is a Pennsylvania woman who was caught with heroin, pills and money in her vajaja. Which leaves one to wonder how and why it was found as well as how the hell did she get over 100 items in her vagina, including 54 bags of heroin, pills, cash and loose change???

Karin Mackaliunas Mugshot

Karin Mackaliunas Mugshot

Karin Mackaliunas was just driving along going about her own business, smuggling drugs, when she crashed her car. That was just the beginning of a bad day for the 27-year-old Pennsylvania mother. The police found a couple of bags in her coat pocket which lead to some questioning, which lead to her telling them she had a few things hidden in her vagina, which lead to a doctor having to do a cavity search, which lead to a gold mine of drugs, cash, prescription pills, loose change and other items being found up in there, which lead to her arrest, which lead to her being the subject of ridicule and amazement all over the internet.

This is how it went down.

(CBS/AP) SCRANTON, Pa. – Police in Scranton say they found over 50 bags of heroin, cash and loose change in a woman’s vagina during a cavity search.

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Karin Mackaliunas, 27, was detained last weekend following a crash, according to authorities. Scranton police say they found three bags of heroin in her jacket and after being taken to the police station she told investigators she had more hidden in her vagina.

A doctor performed a search and recovered 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, prescription pills and $51.22.

Mackaliunas was jailed on $25,000 bail on charges including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.

The part that gets me is the loose change. Well, that’s one of the parts that gets me. I mean, how’d she keep it from dropping out? Not to mention, 100 ITEM WERE STUFFED UP IN THERE??? ONE-HUNDRED. Fifty-Four BAGS OF HEROIN. Prescription pills! Plastic bags.

I am speechless. I’m just thinking this is a woman who needs to read this if she wants to get her needs met, if ya know what I mean.

Photo from the Scranton Police Department.

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  • That was funny as HAAAAAALE, y’all. We are bent over laughing at the first paragraph…which led to….