Elizabeth Taylor Eyes: Yes They Were Violet!

Elizabeth Taylor Eyes

Elizabeth Taylor Eyes

People are wondering whether or not Elizabeth Taylor really did have violet eyes. Do people really have purple eyes? WELL. Apparently the answer to that is YES.

I always thought that was just some kind of expression. You know, like meaning she had soft, sultry eyes or something, but it seems they really were a dark violet and there are people with purple eyes however its very rare.

There’s a scientific explanation for it. A doctor explained it to Liz Taylor’s mother after she was born with a double row of eye-lashes in addition to the violet eyes. He called it ‘a mutation’ which is a lot easier to understand than the scientific explanation.

Violet is indeed a rarity, more so than green eyes, although theories as to what makes them purple vary. Color, of course, is determined by how much melanin pigment the eye has and, to get really scientific, those variations in single nucleotide polymorphisms (thankfully shortened to SNPS) near the OCA2 gene, which are responsible for the color of eyes, hair, and skin. Then again, the simplest explanation would be the same one her doctor gave her mother when describing baby Elizabeth’s double row of eyelashes: a “mutation,” according to the 1996 book Elizabeth.

Those eyes inspired longing, envy, and a few beauty products: Chicago optical company Wesley-Jensen created violet contact lenses in the 1980s. Before their debut, a W-J spokesperson told The New York Times, “pictures of Elizabeth Taylor are pasted all over our R&D lab.” A California ocularist, one of the few in the world to create artificial eyeballs, fulfilled one patient’s request for “Elizabeth Taylor eyes.”

They say that Richard Burton dismissed her beauty by saying she had a double chin, short legs and an over-sized chest. But he admire her eyes saying, ‘she has wonderful eyes’. Although I did read somewhere that he admired her breast saying they had the uncommon quality of being firm and soft at the same time. Maybe that’s why she married him twice.

Back to the mutation of Elizabeth Taylor eyes. A mutation that consist of a double row of dark, lush eyelashes framing large, liquid, arresting violet eyes? We all should be so lucky as to have mutations like that.

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  • AmieG

    I actually know someone with Violet eyes. They are truly remarkable! They belong to a little Irish girl that goes to my church. Beautiful!

    • Terryellenbenn46

      Her eyes were violet.Elvis’s eyes were a beautiful color as well. hard to describe.

  • man

    Three’s no such thing as viloet eyes her eyes were blue grey which gave the illusion of violet.

    • tansysmom

      Liz Taylor’s eyes were deep blue. Period. Must be a lot of colorblind people out there.

  • La La La

    Erm, the mutation responsible for a double row of lashes doesn’t explain the color of her irises. As has been said, they were a shade of blue that appeared violet in certain lights.

  • Danger823

    Her violet eyes are a rare genetic mutation, Alexandra genesis. Violet eyes are only the beginning of pluses of the mutation…..perfect skin, perfect body tone and structure, no hair on face, legs, under arms. Females with the mutation can reproduce but they have no monthly bleeding. Most have 20/20 vision and have a very long healthy life.

  • Danger – that sounds like the perfect genetic mutation!!!

  • Terryellenbenn46

    Liz Taylor-such a great lady.

  • True purple eyes are only possible in albino individuals. And I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t albino. In fact, I’m positive. Her eyes were a a deep shade of blue that looked violet under certain lighting conditions.

    They were not violet. But that doesn’t make them any less beautiful.

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  • Furaskin

    Her eyes were navy blue, but had some red/brownish flecks especially in the left eye so when the light was right the mix appeared violet. Herself said such thing, however is correct to call them violet. Some of my friends met her in person and swear never saw something similar in their life..Violet or blue lavender they said.

  • Furaskin

    I must add: the pic above is re-coloured, buy or look the cover of vogue magazine taken in 1971 if you want see her amazing eyes. That time photoshop didn’t exist!

  • psysaac

    i have extremely blue eyes sometimes, they can look so blue as to be tinted teal. Liz Taylor had roughly the same grey iridia as any other blue/grey eyed person (not like a green eyed person with lipochrome or melanin). color is not all about melanin: her eyes were large and there were no striations (white lines) to dillute the already dark blue color, so they were sapphire. Most people have a dark violet limbal ring around the edge, Liz’s eyes were this color all the way through. When something is very very blue it can *seem* to be tinted purple and that is when it is called violet or violet blue. The original comparison came from eyes the color of violets (the flower).

  • Guest

    Violet? yes, Purple? no. blue eyes appear violet sometimes, blue eyes appear grey sometimes. My eyes have on occasion appeared “so blue they are violet” but it is not the same thing as a separate eye color from blue the way green hazel and brown are. sometimes blue eyes are also “so blue they are green” but that isn’t the same as a real green/yellow eye. and sometimes brown eyes are “red” but they are still brown. the description “violet eyes” are actually the color of a blue violet flower. not the purple ones the blue ones. hence violet-blue eyes are the color of blue-violets. You can even see there is yellow inside blue violets in the same pattern as a blue eye.