Gary Coleman’s Utah Home Loses Value

Gary Coleman’s Utah home isn’t immune to the drop in real estate values in recent years. Gary Coleman paid $320,000 for the home in Santaquin back in 2006, which reverted back to Chase bank after his death. Coleman owed $325,158 at the time of his death. Now, the home has been reduced in price from $324,000 down to $237,600 where the bank appears ready to cut their losses and attempt to recover at least 2/3 of the deal.

Chase bank is so interested in selling the property that they are willing to offer up to an additional 3% discount on the property sale to a qualified buyer.

The estate of Gary Coleman admitted the house was in serious disarray following his death. His bed, as one example, was littered with such things as broken light bulbs, adult diapers, peanut butter and dirty laundry. However, all of these personal effects have since been cleaned up so you don’t have to worry about falling to sleep amidst broken light bulbs. Yet, Chase bank is still having difficulty selling this wonderful celebrity property.

I always knew that Gary Coleman was a small dude, but who could have guessed that he wasn’t even potty trained yet?

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