Britney Spears: Out Magazine Cover and Interview Photos

Britney Spears

Today seems like the day for NOT coming out. First it was Michelle Rodriguez setting the record straight about her sexual preferences, now we have Britney Spears on the cover of Out Magazine as their first ever ‘Ladies We Love’ saying she only has eyes for men. But, she adds, kissing Madonna that time was really cool.

The interview inside Out Magazine is nothing short of titillating. She let them know she prefers men. She said she’d love her boys no matter what when asked how she’d respond if they grew up to be gay. She thinks all her songs have been awesome and is glad she opted for a school-girl theme for her Baby One More Time video rather than a superhero fighting a robot monster.

She thinks she was Audrey Hepburn in a previous life and really admires Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes. Oh, and Lady Gaga is ‘unique’.

That pretty much sums up the interview. It was through email questions and answers because no one has heard Britney Spears speak since she went crazy and her father took guardianship of her a few years ago. I guess that means we don’t really know who was answering the questions. It doesn’t really matter though, its no more Britney Spears being candid than these pictures of her are her unphotoshoped. Its all marketing at this point.

So Out Magazine chose Britney Spears as their first ever Ladies We Love cover girl! Enjoy the photos below.

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