Ironclad Performance Wear’s Cycling Team

Ironclad is one of the premium brands of extremely high quality work gloves and other products. They have an Oregon based cycling team they sponsor to help promote the company that comprises some very fine athletes who seem like Olympic quality contenders in every regard who compete in races. One of the Ironclad athletes, Lana Pressey, 28, daily commutes many miles from Portland to Beaverton to work, in all types of weather, rain or shine, heat or cold, to build up muscle tone to win races. The members of the Ironclad team are as serious as they come about winning races and staying in top shape.

Many athletes of the Ironclad team actually live together, allowing them to workout together by going on constant training rides and keeping in top physical condition. As serious as they are as athletes, play time sometimes means enjoying a good beer and having fun with the rest of the team members. These athletes work and play hard.

But, cycling in all sorts of weather has it’s own perils. Not only are cold snaps hard on the hands and other body parts, but cold and flu season recently hit the team sort of hard as well. But, you can’t keep good athletes down for very long. Just like the Ironclad products, these team members are iron tough contenders.

From a sociological view, it becomes pretty apparent that the Ironclad team provides the members a strong sense of team effort and something to believe in. The Ironclad athletes are so devoted that the organization is much like a religion to it’s members. They’re just that serious.

With this much sense of team effort and purpose, you can’t help but see how this team wins so many races.

Sometimes many athletes don’t get all of the fanfare that some Olympic contenders do. But, many train and workout just as seriously as the top household sports names do. Ironclad should be very proud of their athletes. They have a serious and tough team of top contenders they field in any race they enter.

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